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    • Offset printing

    • Black or color copies

    • Digital printing

    • Finishing

    • Computer graphics

    • Personalising Documents

    • Wide format printing

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    • We serve businesses and the juridical community for more then 20 years.

    • We are proud, with times and confidence, to have build strong partenership with our clients.

    • We have a team of specialist that realise your projects with great care.


    Optimal color quality produced in a controlled environment.

    Paper size : up to 12.5” x 19”

    Media type : paper • cardboard mat or glossy • label • acetate.

    Print type : continuous tone, high quality.

    Customization of documents from databases.

    Digital proofing.

    • Photocopies
    • Flyers
    • News
    • Personalized letters
    • Posters
    • Catalogues
    • Brochures
    • Calendars
    • Annual Reports
    • Covers
    • Business Cards
    • Postcards
    • Christmas Cards
    • Media Kit
    • Training Manuals

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    Superior quality printing.

    Paper size : up to 12” x 18”

    Media type : paper • cardboard • label

    Annotation: dates, pages, etc.

    Customization of documents from databases.

    Digital proofing.

    • Photocopies
    • News
    • Letters
    • Flyers
    • Price Lists
    • Tabbed dividers
    • Books
    • Reports
    • Programs
    • Guides
    • Brochures
    • Training Manuals
    • Carbonless Forms

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    A picture is worth a 1000 words.

    Paper Size: up to 128 "wide.

    Media type : paper • cardboard • foamcore • Vinyl • Coroplast • adhesive paper • Backlite, etc.

    Indoor or outdoor use.

    • Copies of original
    • Posters
    • Architectural Plans
    • Banners
    • Presentations
    • Exhibitions
    • Mounting
    • Laminating
    • Encapsulation

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    For lithography which gives a good impression. You can trust that our experienced specialists will give your prints the prestigious look you are looking for.

    Small or large quantities in all formats, the quality is always there!

    • Stationery
    • Business Cards
    • Envelopes
    • Coupons
    • Stickers
    • Invoices
    • Cheques
    • Flyers
    • Posters
    • Books
    • Magazines
    • Newspapers
    • Brochures
    • Presentation Folders
    • Corporate Pockets

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    Assembly: sequencing of different elements within a document.

    Ex. : black text + color + photos + dividers

    Give more prestige to your presentations using the appropriate binding.


    • Cut
    • Bonding (tablet)
    • Folding
    • Insertion of divider(s)
    • Tabbed dividers
    • Setting satchel
    • Affixing labels
    • Packing cello
    • Lamination (glossy or matte)
    • Perforation (3 holes or other)


    • Cerlox
    • Plasticoil
    • Thermo (with ribbon)
    • Perfect Bind (book)
    • Ring Binder

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    Let us take care of the design for you. .

    From a simple logo to the complete creation of a document, our team of graphic designers offers its services on a very competitive per hour fee.

    Retrieve storage space.

    Save and reduce search time for your records by converting paper documents into electronic documents.

    Quotes on request.


    • Layout
    • Converting documents
    • Customization
    • Addressing
    • Numbering
    • Databases
    • Tips

    SCANNING (of)

    • Billing
    • Instructions
    • Press Reviews
    • Paper boxes
    • Purchase Orders

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  • Technical description of certain printing terms


    When the image, text or color of the printed sheet is completely filled, there is no more white space (margin) around it. This document type must be originally printed on a larger format and then be cut to final size. This explains the slight overhead required to print this document type.

    Simplex, Duplex

    These terms describe the number of sides printed on a sheet. Simplex means on one side only. By cons, Duplex printing involves the two sides of the sheet. However, in any case the term duplex says duplication of the same impression.

    Portrait, Landscape

    Description of the print orientation: when printing in portrait, the longest length is up and down or vertically. As to landscape, horizontally or side to side will be the largest extent.


    The four color or CMYK, cyan, magenta, yellow, black is a printing process to reproduce a wide color spectrum from the three basic colors (cyan, magenta and yellow) plus black.

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  • RGB

    Red, green, blue, RGB is a color encoding format. These three colors are primary colors in additive synthesis. They are, in fact, about three wavelengths which satisfy the three types of cones in the human eye. The combination of all three produces white. They are used in video for display on screens and in the imaging software.


    Screen ruling or line per inch. This line is calculated by a series of consecutive points to form a line. Then, the LPI defines the number of rows of lines of dots there are in an inch. So higher is the LPI, the smaller the dots. Commercial printers, you can usually modify this value for different types of printing.


    In the world of the graphic arts industry, RIPs (Raster Image Processor in English) the computer tool of plotting data to make them printable. The RIP is the link between these data and computer usable data for printing. RIP receives as input vector data (PostScript, PDF, various proprietary formats) or raster data, which are described in CMYK colors. The RIP then processes the input file to produce black and white bitmap files. A bitmap file is associated with a printing ink. So if four-color printing is classic, there will be four files, either for the four basic colors.

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  • DPI

    Or dots per inch (dots per inch) is a value used in two main opportunities to describe the quality of an image or a computer printer.

    For image data, it is simply a proportional relationship between the number of total points of the image and the print size in inches of the final image. When creating a file in an image processing software (eg Photoshop) you can create a dpi value of x but when importing the same image in a page layout software (eg QuarkXPress ), if you enlarge the image, the real dpi reduced in direct proportion with the expansion. (Eg a 300 dpi image in Photoshop enlarged to 300% in InDesign becomes 100 dpi)
    DPI for a printer, it indicates the ability to print it, measured in dots per inch. Interestingly, this is usually not the real point is called visible LPI or lines per inch Screen ruling (Lines per inch). This is usually created by several small points that they are the definition of a DPI printer. Obviously, most possess a printer DPI, clearer and more accurate will be the LPP visible, and therefore the print quality will increase.

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