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Welcome to REPROCOM Printings personalized baby on board stickers for cars creation site .

This site allows you to create your personalised sticker with a simple jpeg image file .

In few steps, you can choose the color, change the text, the text size and font of the 4 lines .

Once the image file is uploaded on our servers, simple tools are available to zoom in and out and move the image around for you to fit it as you wish .

Start a baby on board sign or just try it right away by - clicking here -

Be proud and show your child to the world .

Designed to alert the emergency services that a baby or small child is in the car in the event of an accident and encourage other drivers to be more careful aroud them

It's our belief that by putting the real face of your child on the sticker, other drivers will realize the need to be more careful around you for your baby.

The www.reprocom.ca website is here to help you create your sign. If you like what you've created you can order them afterward but there's no obligation to do so .

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Click here to start your sticker

Use any jpeg picture file

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  For some examples, click the pictures to see hi-resolution versions of Baby on Board stickers


Baby on Board
Stickers for Cars

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10$ for each additional copies
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We create the sign on a 5.5" x 5.5" quality sticker that we laminate for higher durability.

They are removable stickers, so you don't have to worry about damaging your paint or windows tinted film.

We finish the baby on board signs by cutting round corners.

Shipping address is printed on the back of the sign and inserted in a windowed envelope to make sure the right signs are delivered to the right people.

The picture of your child is deleted from our servers after a month but is not accessible to the public.

It's not only for baby on board stickers signs either!!!

Be imaginative and write the lines you want and upload the picture of your choice. Make a fan sticker. Tell the world that you are or like something. Great for jokes to…


This service is provided by REPROCOM printings.

We have 23 years of experiences in documents printing. Be assured of our quality products and services.

The prints are created within 5 working days from the order date. It usually takes 2 to 3 more working days for the shipping company to deliver them to Canada. For US citizens, it is usually around 2 weeks.

For help join us by email at: info@reprocom.ca.



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